Association Event Sponsorship Sales: 3 Tips for Success in 2019

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Here are 3 tips for association event sponsorship sales success in 2019.  This new year marks over 20 years of delivering solutions for associations here at The Profitable Association.  While the tools of the trade have changed over the years, there are some enduring sales principles that stand the test of time.  Here’s how to keep it fresh while staying true to proven sales strategy.

Keep the sponsorship menu concise and easy to digest

Too many options can confuse buyers and delay the sales decision.  Focus on quality over quantity.  Consider offering a fewer number of sponsorships and then over-deliver on the activation.  Treat your sponsors like VIPs to increase renewals and multi-year commitments.

Remember.  It is a supply-and-demand market, so scarcity will drive action.  You can add more supply to your marketplace by adding additional sponsorship opportunities later.

Get the leadership team to participate in the sales process 

Ask your leadership team to prime a select number of high-value targets to get them excited about exclusive VIP opportunities.  Leadership can make valuable introductions to the sales team which can set the stage to build a consultative relationship to everyone’s benefit.

Possible VIPs for you to consider are your incoming association board members.  It may be a big year for them and their company and they may want to invest in the additional spotlight.

Provide activation for sponsors before and after the event, not just the during the event

Find creative ways to include sponsorship recognition throughout the promotion and recap stages of the event.  For example, is attendance promotion one of your challenges?  Consider getting a sponsor to help underwrite some of those expenses. Maybe you could produce a sponsored social media ad campaign.  Sponsors will love the recognition and your association will benefit from greater attendance promotion.

What are some of your key strategies for association event sponsorship sales in 2019?  Please comment below.

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