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Andrew Hamra is CEO of RUNNUR Mobile Tech Gear. He recently had a great show at the 2018 Associated General Contractors of America Convention in New Orleans.  Our team could not help but notice Andrew’s fresh and effective approach to engaging expo traffic and c-level decision-makers.  We asked and he was willing to share some of the secrets to his success.
Q: Tell us about your strategy to engage expo traffic.  What questions/tactics did you use?
A: Our strategy to engage expo traffic has developed over several shows. Since we have a physical product, we use highly visible orange painted torso mannequins to display our Tablet Tool Belt and Tablet SlingMount, and ask one simple question to everyone who walks by the booth. The question we ask is “Are you carrying tablets in the Field?” Once the question sinks in and they realize they do (about 8 in 10 at BIM an AGC), they take a quick look at the booth display where our product is easily identifiable and walk over saying “Yes, we do!”
Q: Did you take advantage of any after-hours events that AGC set up?  Were meaningful connections made? 
A: Absolutely! One of the other exhibiting companies at the show, Procore, saw our product and upon recognizing a potential synergy invited us up to their after-hours party announcing their partnership with Apple. Once there, and after filling my belly with some amazing food, I began to network. I approached a group of cheery folks and was quickly asked what I do. As I was wearing my product at the time, I pulled the Tablet from my belt and said: “I do this!” One of the guys turned his head and locked onto the product and said: “That’s a great design!” Turns out he was the speaker from Apple and we have been in contact several times since the event! 
Q: How key is the General Contractor and Virtual Construction market to your company?
A: Both the General Contractor and Virtual Construction markets have become our prime focus over the last year. What we have found to be the best indicator of our success at trade shows is the number of software companies exhibiting. The fact that three of AGC’s biggest sponsors were all tech companies (Procore, PlanGrid, and AutoDesk) proved to be extremely telling of an industry where tech and Tablet adaption is exceedingly common and where our product solves major problems.
Q: Who are some of the ideal connections you have made in these markets?

A: Beyond the c-level and owner/operator contacts we met attending the shows, we have been able to connect and partner with several software companies who also exhibit at these events. Since software is dependent on the use of hardware (Tablets), and Tablets must be carried, there is an immediate recognition of our value within the marketplace and ecosystem. These partnerships have proved to be an invaluable asset as software companies are often the first point of contact for companies looking to go mobile and can further provide added value to their customers through our partnership.

Q: Does your future revenue growth plan include the AGC and/or BIMForum events? 
A: After exhibiting at both AGC and BIMForum we feel that AGC will provide us with the best opportunity for future growth. If we were a software company it would likely be both, but since we make the hardware for end-users, AGC provides us with greater access to the decision-makers and professionals who are out in the field. The AGC show in Denver next year is now our main event for 2019!

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