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5 Distinctive Raffle Items for Your Next Event

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of using the same few raffle items to lure conference attendees to learn more about our products/services and sign up for our mailing lists. So why not try something unique and different next time you’re at an Association event to help you stand out and further increase your prospecting potential?

Here are 5 distinctive raffle items you can use to make waves at your next conference or trade show: 

Cutting-Edge Electronics

It’s becoming more common to see electronics like an Amazon Echo as raffle items at conferences. So why not go one step further and give your prize winner something truly unique, like a Facebook Meta Quest 2 gaming device or an Apple Watch Series 7? The more cutting-edge, the better we say!

Local-Themed Gift Basket or Novelty Item

If you’re attending an event for a national organization, odds are your attendees aren’t local. Why not give them something to remember their trip by giving your raffle winner a basket filled with locally-sourced food or items specific to the host city? For example, we recently raffled off a gift certificate for free cowboy boots to attendees at a conference located in Nashville. There’s also companies out there like GoldBelly, which specialize in regional-themed care packages. 

Subscription-of-the-Month Clubs 

There’s few ways you can go wrong with a subscription to a “______ of the Month” service. From alcohol to cheese to toys to beauty products, you won’t run out of options to choose from. There’s even companies out there like CrateJoy, which only sell subscription boxes. 

Weekend Getaway or Spa Trip

Everyone deserves a break, so why not treat your raffle winner to a complementary weekend getaway or spa trip? The “Pack & Go Choice Gift Card”, for example, would give your raffle winner the ability to spend the value of the card at AirBnB, Southwest Airlines, Texaco Gas and more. Or you can opt for a SpaFinder gift card, which can be used at hundreds of spas nationwide.

Your Own Product/Service

Who says you can’t turn your own product/service into a raffle prize? This works really well, for example, with subscription services — depending on what the monetary value is for a subscription, you could give away a subscription for a certain time period to your raffle winner. 

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